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Spray Tanning
Quality competitive spray tanning at affordable prices!  Just because you can pay upwards of $150+ for tanning services doesn’t mean you should and definitely doesn’t mean better… just means you’re paying more money!!!  Prices start at $80.
Whether you are a bodybuilder, figure, physique or fitness competitor, the way you stand and contract on stage may make the difference between 1st and 2nd place.  During your posing session we’ll determine the poses that will showcase your strengths rather than highlight the weaknesses.  We will run through the different rounds you will encounter during the morning prejudging.  Posing practices are $40 per session.
Answer me this, why do people perform things badly, showcasing their weaknesses, when there are plenty of things they can do to highlight their strengths!
We will evaluate your strengths and choreograph them into your routine.  We will evaluate what’s ‘almost there’ and recommend exercises you can do to make the movement one of your strengths.  We will focus on your individual strengths and incorporate them into a rock-hard, slamming routine!  Bodybuilding routines are $100, which consists of two sessions.  Then can be followed by posing sessions @ $40 per session.
Fitness routines start @ $250 on up depending on persons level of fitness and dance background.  This consists of three sessions, and then can be followed by coaching sessions @ $50 a session.
Online Coaching
Everyone needs assistance in different ways… whether it’s nutritional coaching or designing a workout.  One size does not fit all so contact me for details and we’ll figure out what works best for you!
Contest Prep
As we all know, pre-contest prep will make or break a competitor for a show.  From 8 to 12 weeks out you have got one million questions going through your head such as:
    • When and/or how should I diet?
    • Do I need to carb deplete or am I one of the body types that can keep eating carbs up until the show?
    • How much is two much cardio?
    • What type of time intervals should I eat?
    • Should I water load and/or sodium load?
    • Should I cut out water?
    • And the list goes on…
Then not to mention, the few days before the show:
    • Did I get the right style/cut suit to show off the physique?
    • What type of coloring is best for me?
    • What should I pack for the show?
    • What type of oil and how much is too much (or not enough)?
    • What do I eat?
    • Yeah, this list goes on and on also!
Not to worry, we’ll do all the worrying for you.  We’ll shop for suits, we’ll shop for color, we’ll tell you what and when to eat, we’ll recommend the supplements, we’ll tell you what and when to drink, pretty much all you have to do is be there and do it.  We’ll get you where you need to be… no worries!  Package prices vary depending on how many weeks out and how involved you want us.

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